SelfPoint Sanctuary

learn about our history. educate yourself on the facts.

SelfPoint Sanctuary started as an easily accessible place for individuals who feel lost in their physical forms. Our friends come from different backgrounds and beliefs, from all over the globe. Even if there's a lot of things separating us from one another, we all share a common goal which is to find our own true selves. The journey to self discovery can be long, exhausting and confusing, that’s why here at the Sanctuary we support one another.

Our story began when we realised how much we didn't know our true selves. We started wondering what was the real meaning of ‘self’. We decided to undertake a thorough research, which revealed just how many other individuals felt alike. We asked a group of strangers to partake in our survey, here are the results.

after a long struggle with our self identity we wanted to see if others have felt the same way. here's what we found.

50% of people don't know who they are.

most people have not known who they are at some point.

2 out of three people have wanted to be someone else.

81% of people want to know themselves better.

most people have questioned their identity.

2/3 people are unhappy with themselves.

most people have an alter ego.

70% of people don't know what they want to be if they grow up.

a vast majority of people have misguided notions about happiness.

After gathering pretty conclusive results, we decided that the next step for us was to create this Sanctuary. We hope to create safe space for individuals to express themselves and share their journey to the ultimate goal of humankind. SelfPoint Sanctuary isn’t in any way a religion, nor is it inspired by religious organisations. It is simply created for the needs of personal growth. We believe we are here to uplift each other, and that when individuals join us, we’re teaching them how to find the most capable version of themselves. With all the friends we’ve witnessed joining our mission, it’s obvious that they are leading to a place that’s far from being the final destination thanks to our unity. They can definitely learn how to be more thyself.

What does "we believe" mean here at our Sanctuary? As an organization you can choose your spiritual destination along with those beliefs or affiliations which resonate with YOU. The fact remains, our mission at Self Point Sanctuary is: To develop friends who will seek out the true meaning of ‘self’, growth and happiness within themselves despite all odds against them.