SelfPoint Sanctuary

let us tell you about ourselves.

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i would like to say that i exist but i do not know. there is no way of knowing. i don't know who i am. but that's ok. this is a safe space. this was created so that we can find peace. and i hope that it brings peace to others. i am ever changing and wuould like to stay that way. finding out more about myself is the most important thing i will ever do. i want to do work that helps other people as well as myself. i can only start helping others if first i make myself better. how do i know if i'm alive? this is what i want to find out. it is important to me to be truthful in all i do.
you will see a lot of me exposed.
do not be afraid. do not be afraid. do not be afraid.

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I hate introductions, because I never know what to say. I am in fact nothing special, nothing extraordinary in the slightest. I exist, I get by day by day, but deep inside I feel dead. I’m like a burned out candle. Life isn’t anything exciting to me, I mean it can be I suppose. Not always though. I think I unintentionally make it harder for myself, I like to overthink things and complicate them. At the moment I am lost and just began this journey. The thought of finding my ‘self’ sparks some excitement in me for once. Let’s hope this place can make me feel alive again.