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This is the story of Bart and Max from one of our friends.

Bart and Max are only one example of how reincarnation is a part of our lives. The soul is a special energy that we can feel passing from one being to another and no science can explain it.
Many other dogs have been reported to experiencing past life recollection. This is thanks to special technology that SelfPoint Sanctuary has developed.
It is kept highly protected and secret due to fears that it may fall into the wrong hands and be used for evil doings.

When we first met Bart he was a lively playful 8 year old sausage dog. But sometimes you could see there was something else behind his eyes. He gave us the most human look and we knew that we needed to take him to SelfPoint's reincarnation specialists to make sure that he was in fact a lost soul trapped in the body of a helpless pup.
However, before we could bring Bart to see the doctors he collapsed and stopped moving. It was almost as if he knew what was coming.

We were very sad to see Bart go but happy that he moved on to better things. The next month we went to a shelter to adopt a puppy in memory of Bart. We immedialtely noticed Max who was sitting in the corner sulking when we came in. He started jumping around trying to get to us from his cage. We immediately knew that this was meant to be.

As soon as we got Max home he went to Bart's favourite chair and slept there in the exact same position that Bart used to sleep in. If that wasn't a sign, I dont know what would be!
We took Max to a SelfPoint Reincarnation specialist and sure enough, they confirmed our suspicions: Max was Bart reincarnated! Our happiness knows no bounds. We are so glad to have our boy back and we are so grateful to SelfPoint Sanctuary for giving us this opportunity!

Below you can see pictures of Max's friends.

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