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for thousands of years, humanity has been searching for the perfect identity, asking themselves: what is a sense of self? the long search has brought nothing, but finally we begin to find answers. among many of our goals we aim to create a library of identities for you to explore. we hope to provide you with enough information to study the miracle of identity. we want to encourage you to join us on this mission.

anthology of identities

we began our journey after encountering a deeply disturbing time, filled with psychological confusion and disruption. we thrive to understand oneself and help others to do so too, hence the start of SelfPoint Sanctuary. our establishment proudly represents various beings and helps those in need of finding ‘self’. we hope to find individuals with the same goal.

collection of alter egos

we want to bring you regular updates and advice on how to follow your heart and dreams to find your true self. this is a place of acceptance and love. we are showing you all of our different sides to encourage you to do the same. you have come to SelfPoint Sanctuary to find peace. rest assured you are in the right place. we understand your struggles. we have faced them ourselves. no more do you suffer in silence.

corner of self-discovery

we are giving you a chance to learn and better yourself by giving you instruction. allow us to use our wide expertise and experience to help you get your eyes to open and accept yourself in all your glory. you will now expand your mind by allowing yourself to be one with each other. accept the loving embrace of life.

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